Online slot tips

Before we start, there is no guaranteed way to win. You may come across strategies promising to help you win, but they won’t help you to win on online slot machines or even those in casinos. However what we want to provide you with, is some tips to help you gamble smarter on, online slot games and have more fun.

Slot machines use a computer program called a random number generator (RNG) to constantly generate numbers, this means process is entirely random, and there’s no way to predict what’s going to happen on any given spin. Additional previous spins don’t have an effect on current or future spins, which means whether you sit on a game which has not paid out for a high number of spins or one that has paid out frequently your chances of winning are still the same.


Always play for fun

There are gamblers who play professionally, as a job but with online slots it’s best to play for fun. Don’t go in expecting to win, instead go in with an open mind and don’t get too disheartened if you don’t strike it big or even break even.

Don’t bank on the win

If you’re playing online slots for fun, then you won’t be banking on a win and if you do, then you need to stop. Gambling isn’t a way to make money you need, not a way to get rich quick, if you do you could end up losing thousands.

Set a limit

Each time you play set a limit on how much you’r willing to gamble as well as a time frame. If you go over your spending limit set, stop, don’t just hope the next game will pay out. If you come to the end of your set playing time then also stop even if you think you’re on a winning streak, this makes sure you still finish on top.

Only spend money you have

When gambling money, only spend money you have left after bills and living expenses. If you’re spending money set aside for bills or other important payments, you should stop before you find yourself in debt.

Join loyalty clubs

Many online slot games have membership programmes, it’s great to sign up for these (normally free of charge) you can collect points to redeem in games or build up for vouchers.

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