Slots, Vegas or bust

Way before we were able to play slots online, you had to visit a casino to do so, one of the most famous places for gambling was Las Vegas. From the late fifties up to the nineteen nineties, the main reason people headed to Vegas was to gamble. However during the 2000’s there was a shift, families started enjoying holidaying there and resort hotels started to target them and now, gambling is not the reason people visit the city.

Instead it’s for entertainment, epic shows, as well as world class restaurants and shopping. This shift seems to have happened as playing online casinos and slots became popular pastime for many people. Coincidence, maybe as easy access to online casinos via mobile and tablet devices have made it easier than ever to gamble.

There are a number of differences between gambling online gambling in a casino, the thrill of the game is the same along with the odds. Like most gambling is stacked against you whether you play online or in a casino, neither one is better than the other. Many online slot games are designed from or inspired by casino slot machines. Companies like Konami have designed slot games for both casino slot machines and online games.

But the experiences are different, in casinos you tend to be quite isolate, no one really talks to each other especially strangers. However online slot games offer the opportunity to join communities and talk to other players whilst playing.

It’s also easier to stop playing especially if you’re on a losing streak, you can simply put your device down and do something else. However it’s much harder to simply walk out of a casino, that is unless you have gambled away all your money.

With all the many online slot apps, there is also equal to or more games than you get with casinos even Las Vegas. Popular games found there have made their way to apps, whether it’s the classic style on arm bandits to the newer video slot games based on your favourite TV shows or films.

One thing you can’t recreate with online slots is the magic of Vegas, but if you can’t afford a trip there, then online slots are the next best thing.  

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